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Welcome to the DII® Life!

Dr. James Hebert, ScD has been studying diet and health for decades. He’s traveled and lived around the world, studying how the diets of different cultures impact health. Years ago, Dr. Hebert was involved in groundbreaking research that first showed the health benefits of eating less meat while he lived and worked in India. But that was only the beginning. Dr. Hebert brought that work home and continued to dive deeper into how food impacts our bodies – not just in the long run, but today, tomorrow, next week! His Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII®) is the result of decades of study and research.  And it provides a blueprint to not only stay healthy for the long haul but to start feeling better today. No pills, no books to buy, just a simple way to take control of your health. And all you have to do is look for the DII®-Certified Seal of Approval on items you buy at the supermarket.


Inflammation. You think of it like a hangnail, or a sore knee, or a fever. And all those things are right! But medicine and science now understand that inflammation is so much more than that. And has a bigger impact on our lives and bodies than we could have ever imagined. Yes, Grandma’s sore knee is from inflammation – that’s often arthritis. An athlete’s sore knee – that’s inflammation, too, from damage or overuse. But did you have any idea that all our major ills – cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis – are all impacted and in many cases caused by chronic inflammation in the body? The diseases that destroy lives are just looking for a chance to take hold inside you. Living with chronic inflammation provides that chance. So it makes sense that stopping that inflammation before it starts can keep us living longer, healthier lives. Even better, if we stop chronic inflammation in its tracks, we can actually reverse the course of many ills that plague us. Learn more…

The amazing news is that you don’t need drugs, crazy exercise programs (though exercise is great for everything and everybody!) or a fat wallet to control inflammation. Controlling inflammation is as simple as opening your mouth. And putting in foods that fight inflammation. That’s where the Dietary Inflammatory Index comes in. And that’s where the DII®-Certified Seal of Approval can be your best friend in the supermarket.


With his colleagues around the world, Dr. Hebert has over decades studied and ranked more than 10,000 foods for the impact they have on inflammation in the body. Some cure it, some cause it, some are neutral.

Phytonutrients are natural chemicals produced by plants to keep themselves healthy. Happily, they also have the same effect on you. The more of those phytonutrients the plant produces, the better they are for you. So what should you be eating if you want to fight inflammation so you’ll feel better today and live a longer, healthier life? Think bright! Brightly colored foods with strong aromas offer the best sources of inflammation-fighting goodness. But it’s not color alone – garlic and onion are two of the most powerful punchers in the lineup! Almost every fruit or vegetable is an inflammation-fighter, some are just more powerful than others.

On the reverse side of the scale, a bacon double cheeseburger would be a major contributor to inflammation. So does that mean you can never eat another bacon double cheeseburger? Not at all! It means you have to make smart choices, and you have to commit to living the DII® Life. There will be room for a cheeseburger and fries or a juicy steak along the way. But once you realize the amazing variety of flavors and cuisines the DII® Life lets you enjoy, you don’t miss things that aren’t good for you. And the fact that you feel so much better every single day keeps cravings away.


Dr. Hebert’s research led him to found our organization, Connecting Health Innovations (CHI). Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to benefit from Dr. Hebert’s work and the DII®. That’s the DII® Life.

The easiest way to get started is to look for foods in the supermarket or while shopping online that feature the DII®-Certified Seal of Approval. Anything with that label has been through a series of rigorous testing to make sure it meets the guidelines for the DII® Life! Learn more…

You can also take advantage of our handy recipe archive! Check out some examples below.

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