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A Program for Managing Your Dietā€¦Your Healthā€¦and Your Life!

An anti-inflammatory nutrition program, developed by Connecting Health Innovations (CHI) to empower you to adopt and sustain an anti-inflammatory lifestyle!

Why is it important?

Because chronic inflammation to linked to virtually all chronic diseases that cause the majority of disability and death in the U.S., including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic and autoimmune conditions, and cancer.

Who is it for?
This program is for individuals who are:

  • Looking to prevent or manage chronic disease.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused with all the conflicting information about the anti-inflammatory eating pattern & lifestyle and needs a step by step action plan.
  • Looking to adopt an anti-inflammatory eating style to better manage their autoimmune and rheumatic conditions like arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s, and psoriasis.
  • Struggling with chronic fatigue, low energy, stiffness, and chronic pain.

What will you receive?
Nutrition CurriculumĀ to learn how to reduce and prevent chronic inflammation and feel empowered to make easy lifestyle changes.

Recipes and nutrition guides to help you take action in REAL life on a weekly basis.

Access to an all-inclusive private Facebook group with weekly live Q & A’s.

Physical Activity ExercisesĀ to help you integrate physical activity into your daily routine and learn how to feel better in your own body!

Stress Reduction Practice to help you reduce stress through practicing mindfulness.

Pre and Post DII-on-Demandā„¢ Reports to measure the anti-inflammatory potential of your diet.

What are the outcomes?
Individuals who participate in IMAGINE 90ā„¢:

  • Have more, consistent energy throughout the day
  • Feel empowered in making anti-inflammatory food choices at home, social events, and restaurants
  • Feel confident in grocery shopping, meal planning, and prepping despite of busy lifestyle
  • Feel more in control of your chronic illness
Reducing chronic inflammation leads to a happier, healthier life!
Any questions?
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