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DIIĀ®-Certified Program

Products that meet certain standards are afforded the opportunity to display the DIIĀ®-Certified Seal of Approval. They are also featured on our website and other communication platforms as a DIIĀ®-Certified product.

What does being DIIĀ®-Certified mean? How do foods become DIIĀ®-Certified?
Being DIIĀ®-Certified means that the product has undergone rigorous testing to make sure it meets the guidelines of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Only products that contribute to an anti-inflammatory diet can be DIIĀ®-Certified! This means all products must have a DIIĀ® Score between -8 and 0.

The DIIĀ®-Certified Seal of Approval shows that the product is a healthy, anti-inflammatory choice which makes shopping easier!

Step 1 – The company, organization or association must be approved and must agree to all policies of the DIIĀ®-Certified Program.

Step 2 – Product information is submitted and scored to determine if it’s eligible to be apart of the program.

Step 3 – All packing and promotional materials with the DIIĀ®-Certified Seal of Approval are reviewed and approved.

Step 4 – A certification renewal process is completed each year to make sure the product still meets the guidelines of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Interested in having your product DIIĀ®-Certified? Contact us atĀ