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Inflammation Food Grade System™

The DII® scoring system is essentially a way to measure how inflammatory a food product is to your body. It starts by looking at 45 specific food parameters (35 of which are nutrients and 10 of which are whole foods and spices) for which we have estimates of inflammatory potential based on our extensive review of the literature. We then look at whole foods, analyze and link them to the inflammatory effect scores for each of the 45 food parameters, and this generates a “food parameter-specific DII® score”. It isn’t until you have either an entire recipe or an individual’s eating habits that the comprehensive DII® Score is calculated for those.

The Inflammation Food Grade System or IFGS™ is a system by which consumers are informed of the inflammatory effects of foods through Dietary Inflammation Food Grades™, the DII®-Certified Seal of Approval and DII® Retail Sales Kit.

Dietary Inflammation Food Grades™
The Dietary Inflammatory Index™ (DII®) is the index used to measure how inflammatory foods are to your body. It is derived through a complex mathematical formula. In order to make the raw DII® scores easier to understand for consumers, they are converted into a simple “A to F” scale called Dietary Inflammation Food Grades™ or DII® Food Grades. DII® Food Grades are then assigned a color-coded icon that visually represents the food item’s inflammatory level. These icons are then placed on the food item to inform customers.


The DII®Certified Seal of Approval
Products that meet certain standards are afforded the opportunity to display the DII®-Certified Seal of Approval. They are also featured on our website and other communication platforms as a DII®-Certified product. Learn more…

DII® Retail Sales Kit
Consumer educational materials, recipes, and features in our social media messaging, monthly newsletters and blogs are all included in the DII® Retail Sales Kit, as well as, IMAGINE™ Partner Network opportunities.

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